Thursday, 12 March 2015

Easter is coming.

First of all, I think I told you before about my rolling pin. It has discs you put on the ends to get even thickness but didn't have one for 4mm, the size I like to use for biscuits.

I worked out that the diameter I needed was 54mm and tried to get metal washers of that size but could not find any.

I did find rubber "O" rings at 50mm +5mm thickness and brought a packet. They stretched over the end of the pin, which reduced their thickness slightly and hey presto! a 4 (ish) mm thickness of dough. I'm in smug mode at the moment!!!!!

Armed with my new weapon I rolled my Grandmother-in-laws recipe shortbread dough and cut it with some Easter Cookie Cutters I got from the 99p shop.

10 minutes in the oven and here we go,

They look good enough to eat but are samples for a customer.

I also tried a Sourdough Chocolate and Vanilla bread, the Cocoa meant it was not sweet but it had a nice flavour, I think it would be nice with cheese.

Time to put my feet up.

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