Sunday, 15 March 2015


Its the time of year when the buds appear on the fruit trees in my garden,

today we have pear,

and peach.

The apple and cherry are a bit behind but are visible if a little smaller.

I also have my seed potatoes sprouting, ready for the tubs next month. This year I'm only planting "Charlotte" as they were my favourite last year and I got a deal for them in Totnes.

I have two egg boxes full and will plant 5 to a tub.

We had another animal visitor today, I think he was looking for the pond so I helped him out.

My shoulder is very sore, a lot more mobile but there is low level pain all the time now.
The physio told me on Friday that her colleague had given me too much to do last time (she was away) and that I should reduce the amount of strengthening work in favour of stretching only. Full mobility is still a couple of months away.

To celebrate, I made some doughnuts, with sourdough starter that I had refreshed about 8 hours before. The full story is on the bread blog, together with a recipe link, suffice to say they tasted pretty good, next door agreed!

Its Totnes Sunday Market again today (where did the month go?) that means steak tonight and the chance to sample Lindas excellent Millionaires Shortbread. At least its not raining.

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