Monday, 9 March 2015

Something a little less Bready.

But first lets get the bread out of the way, I dropped the Walnut bread into Oats this morning, along with both of the vinegars that I have brewed from my homemade wines.
Everything went down well so I'm hopeful of more orders from that.

I mentioned the LoveLife event in Brixham last time, my webpage is now live, check out :-

for a look, Steve the webmaster has created a fine advert for Well Bread! I can't wait for the day.

Now to the main object of this post.

In our veg box last week were White Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes and Carrots, amongst other things. Yvonne wanted Smoked Mackerel and salad so instead of buying lettuce or watercress I agreed to make coleslaw.

So here's my ingredients and you can just see the grater lurking in the background. I used equal amounts of the cabbage and the carrot, and about half of the onion.

Then I mixed this together and added some mayo, (unfortunately not home made - hangs head in shame)

I think we'll be OK for tonight. Of course I could have added cheese, or prawns or even a bit of horseradish to the mix, I'm sure you get the idea.


  1. Hi Richard

    Notice that you have made some Walnut bread. Just a bit of lateral thinking but Lakeland are currently selling a Walnut shaped bread pan. Did not know whether it would be a bit of use. Your recipe for Coleslaw bought back some memories as it was one of those things we had to do in Domestic science lessons although I think we used t add a few sultanas then. How times change. Hope things are going well with your recuperation. Take care



    1. Hi there,
      The Walnut bread tasted pretty good, I was thinking that maybe the addition of some strong cheese would be a thing to try. I remember my daughter making coleslaw at playschool, it wasn't chopped quite so fine though! I will look out in Lakeland but our nearest one is 30 miles away. Thanks for all your comments.