Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dont miss this.

Over on my bread blog, there's the results of my 0500 start today, well actually it started yesterday at 1500, read the recipe and all will be revealed. There's no relevance to the times, it just fitted my schedule that way. 

We're talking sourdough again, this bread is becoming my overriding passion as time goes on, the success of it with customers is driving me to create new flavours.

Todays were Walnut Ciabatta/Sub rolls and a Carrot and Coriander loaf, and its a pity that you can't get the crunch of the crust on here, it was superb. (Dare I say so)

Anyway pop over to brixhambread.blogspot.co.uk for a look and a recipe if your interested, meanwhile here are a couple of photo's to whet your appetite.

The recipe is easy too, no kneading just a few folds of the dough.

Its a sunny day today, so I should be outside.

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