Thursday, 5 March 2015

Things are looking up.

Its been a good week so far. My shoulder has a better range of motion than it has for quite some time. It's still very sore and it feels like there is no strength in my arm but things are definitely getting better.

I managed to get the car out as well, only a short distance but through heavy traffic and coped OK with the steering. Fortunately it was my right shoulder so no gear changes or handbrake to worry about. After I got home it ached and I felt tired so I guess there is still a way to go.

As you will have seen if you follow the bread blog, I made a Carrot and Coriander loaf as a sample for Oats,

I put it in with the order and got a call from Sally just after the shop opened. The general view was that there was not enough Coriander but that I was on the right lines. 

Not only that, there was a QUEUE for the delivery! 

Sourdough Caraway Seed Sub Roll 

Vegan Teacakes

Spelt Loaves

100% Rye Sourdough

Its nice to know that after a month, people still want my bread.

Changing the subject, I found a piece of Gammon reduced, 2.5kg for £ 8.80 and slow roasted it in Orange juice for three hours.

For the last hour I basted it with honey and when I carved it I had enough for 12 portions. That was enough for Roast on Sunday, Ham Egg and Chips on Monday, and 8 portions in the freezer. I do love a bargain.

Unfortunately I'm still getting a steady stream of rejections for my novel, perhaps there is a message there but I'm not going to stop sending it out. I've got a list of agents and I'm only on D! 

Probably the ZZZZZ agency will like it. It would be nice, as I think I've said before, if there was more than just a "No thanks," after all how long does it take to add a comment to the e-mail. Even if it was only "Its C**p."

And with that thought, I'll be off.

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