Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saturday again, so Soon!

Its Saturday again and a week since I posted. I don't really know where the time has gone, we have been rushing around.
Sunday last week was Totnes Good Food Market, that meant Steak for dinner, cakes and a scotch egg for lunch and a bottle of beer from a new brewery in Totnes,

And there was an interesting event planned for next week, we didn't go in the end but liked the idea.

Monday we went to Naomi's in Kent. I had an appointment with my company doctor on Tuesday to review my shoulder, which is healing slowly as the muscles start doing a bit after months of inactivity. We agreed that it's a slow job and arranged another appointment for May. I'm getting fed up now and want a bit of resolution, as does my boss!

Yvonne made one of her famous Cheesecakes for Naomi and Eamon, this one a mint chocolate recipe of her own devising, featuring crushed extra strong mints and after eights, Eamon's favourites.

Excuse the focus, I was getting excited

As you can see its up to her usual high standard.

We came home on Weds and I got the news that a publisher is interested in 'Ribbonworld,' to say I'm excited would be an understatement. I'd actually stopped writing in the face of all the rejections I was getting, but that news has given me the encouragement to start again.

Running a bit late, I had to do bread orders for Oats and Millie a bit later than usual, but got it all cleared by Saturday, including Easter Biscuits and a Chocolate and Orange Brioche.

I also made Sourdough Ciabatta, some plain and some with Caraway Seeds which were well received.

Finally I got some cheap Saffron, so fruit buns will be on the menu soon.

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