Monday, 12 January 2015

Free Chips!

Hopefully that's caught your attention, regular readers will of course recognise one of my favourite topics, not just because it involves something for nothing but also because it fits in with my philosophy.

And that's very simple, as far as possible waste nothing!

When I peel potatoes, I usually cut them just a little bit thicker than you would normally. The peelings are coated in Olive Oil and put in an oven tray whilst the oven heats up for whatever I'm cooking. After about 20 minutes they are soft and just starting to brown. At this point I let them cool and bag them up in the freezer.

Now when I want chips, or topping for Hot-Pot or any other thing that calls for potato slices I simply take enough out of the freezer and reheat them from frozen.

These beauties accompanied our Haddock fillets and Peas for lunch today. And they were effectively free.

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