Saturday, 17 January 2015

Saturday Sourdough.

I started a pre-ferment off last night, using a mixture of Rye starter with White and Wholemeal flours

By five this morning, it had grown enough to use it to make a final dough

which I put into a tin as it felt a bit soft, I didn't want a pancake.

I'm still getting to grips with the method in the book 'Do Sourdough' and until I've got the hang of it I'm using a tin. Once I'm happy I can start tweaking the recipe to make freeform loaves.

So it went into the tin at six,

Incidentally, the flour is from Bacheldre watermill and very nice it is too. I use their Rye and White flours as well. And my customers seem to like them.

By eight it had started to rise, sorry it's a bit out of focus.

That's one thing that Sourdough has taught me; patience. And not just because you have to learn to wait until the dough is ready, patience actually makes you appreciate the product more because the taste is worth waiting for.

And again at ten,

Time to put the oven on. Forty minutes later,

maybe not as good a rise as I had hoped for but like I said, time to experiment. After it had cooled I cut a slice to check the crumb,

Just the taste test to go, excuse me for a moment.

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