Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pasta Machine.

I got this for Christmas and have been itching to try it out, todays the day!
I have made pasta before, using a rolling pin and the clothes drying rack, I guess the drying rack will still be needed this time, but the rolling pin is staying in the cupboard.

First thing I noticed, I couldn't get it attached to my worktop, there was not enough overhang, so I reversed my kneading board and put it on that.
Next up I made the dough, the machine came in a set with oil, flour, a grater for parmesan and some pesto.
Like I said I have made pasta before, so I knew it was one egg per 100g of flour.
The pasta dough sat in the fridge resting for 30 minutes whilst I made a wholemeal bread dough with added seeds and sourdough starter, ready to make Garlic Bread for the pasta meal I have planned.
Now it was time to roll and fold the pasta, without getting it tangled or rolling my fingers.

Here's what it looked like straight from the fridge, I cut it in half and am going to freeze the rest, then I started rolling.

It's not as easy as it looks, the dough kept moving across to one side and kinking,

but in the end I got the hang of it and it grew,

and grew,

When it was just about see-through I cut it into pieces and arranged them in a floured stack.

 This I cut into pieces,

 I'm going to let it dry now, and get on with the bread. Next time I'll show you what we ate the pasta with.

I must phone the veg shop this morning and check out the Seville Orange situation, I'm on my last jar.

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