Friday, 23 January 2015

Saffron Buns recipe

I'm off to my Granddaughters Christening and have been asked to make some of my Saffron Buns to take as part of the buffet after the service.

So the first thing to do is soak the saffron in the milk for 24 hours to get the flavour going.

As you can see, it goes quite yellow. If you taste a bit you will find a very delicate flavour. The aroma is worth a bite as well.

The recipe is, 500g strong white flour,
60g Caster Sugar,
300g milk, (infused as above) and warmed to about 30 degrees C
50g butter, softened.
10g each salt and instant yeast,
250g fruit, this is a mixture of Raisins and Cranberries. 

 After that its just a normal bread method, cut the dough into 10 pieces (about 115 -118g) and shape.

You can egg wash before baking but I don't normally bother, bake at 200 degrees for around 15 minutes.

They will go quite brown on top, but you are looking for a slightly moister interior, with a chewy texture.

Here's some I made earlier.

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