Sunday, 11 January 2015

Out of the Loop


Hello from my new P.C.
I've been using my old (and I mean OLD!) laptop since about a week before Xmas, as the other machine I had collapsed in grand style.  Fortunately I found that the fault was in the motherboard and the information on the Hard Drive was not lost.
Ultimately the board was old and I was unable to get a replacement, so I opted for a new machine, well it is the first since 2007 and took delivery a couple of days ago. Now I'm just setting it up and transferring all my files and settings from the salvaged drive, so normal service will be resumed shortly.

I managed to find a second hand copy of 'Do Sourdough'

Do Sourdough by Andrew Whitley cover

and have been trying the methods in it, my first attempt was made in a tin as it seemed a bit loose for a freeform loaf. I can adjust the amounts to fine tune the recipe. For all that it tasted and looked good.

We're both just about over our Xmas colds although in Yvonne's case it got a bit more serious and she needed a doctors appointment and some drugs, but she will soon be fighting fit, then the years entertainment can start.

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