Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Fennel Bread and a Christening.

We had a great time at Elsa's Christening,

Amy, Harry and Elsa.

Yvonne looked particularly gorgeous,

and there was a good buffet.

Of course when we got home, I had to make a loaf. I chose the quick bread as it only takes about an hour,

and Yvonne did some shortbread for a friend.

I have had an idea for a new type of loaf, it all came to me in  a flash as I was drinking a cup of Green Tea. I like the taste and I wondered what bread would taste like made with Green Tea instead of water.

After all you use milk in some sweet breads, and buttermilk in Soda Bread so why not?

Then I had another idea, we have a fennel in the garden and Yvonne saved a load of seeds last year. 

They are nice on Salmon, but how about as flavouring in a loaf? Taking it to its logical conclusion, how about a loaf made with Fennel Tea, with added Fennel seeds. And it would of course be Organic. There's a project.

So I made a normal dough, with two major differences. First, I used two Fennel teabags in the liquid and second I added a tablespoon of fennel seeds to the mixture.

Of course all this is guesswork, I don't want to put too much flavour in but also want enough. So if this one isn't tasty enough I will try a bit more.

It rose well in the batch proof, then I split it in two and put it in 1lb tins, that's one for me and one for Oats tomorrow. If I ask nicely they will put it on the counter for samples.

you can see the seeds.

After a second rise,

 it went in the oven for 20 minutes,

you can see the seeds in this close up,

Now for the all-important taste test.

and it passed! Now for the public reaction.

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