Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rejection plea

As you will remember, I have been sending my manuscript to publishers agents.

Unfortunately the rejections have started arriving. I'm not particularly bothered, I understand that not everyone will enjoy the story, but I wish that instead of just a 'no thanks' I could have a little bit of the reasoning behind the rejection. It would help me in future submissions, and maybe suggest a bit of tweaking that would make the story better. Even if it was only to say, 'your story stinks,' at least I would know.

In other news, my main oven has been playing up for a while and eventually stopped last Sunday. I called the engineers out and they arrived this morning. I had to do the whole Oats order (9 loaves and 10 rolls) in my old small oven. (2 loaves at a time)

The man found the fault straight away,

No wonder it wasn't getting warm. I'm glad I brought the extended warranty, its paid for itself already, I've had a new fan and a new element now, the cost of buying them would have been more than I paid for the warranty and I've still got 2 years to go.

We have a hot-pot tonight, with the left over lamb from a recent roast, onions and carrots in gravy. Topped with potato skins.

That should warm us up tonight, its not the nicest day here.

Yvonne has made some more greetings cards, once again they are better than any you could get,

I have my shoulder operation date now, Feb 6th. She will have a look in the joint and fix/clean it up. Hopefully I will then be able to move my arm properly and sleep without it waking me up when I move. Maybe I'll soon be back at work.

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