Friday, 16 January 2015

Marmalade Time and some soup.

Its come round again, I brought the oranges yesterday and todays the day.

I have enough for four batches, so I'm preparing all the fruit and making two batches today, the other two can go in the freezer and I can make them later. Because I'm not working at the moment there's none to take to Gravesend.

I prepared all the fruit and made up the pith/pip bags, all I need to do is defrost them and boil, I've even added the lemon juice.

I can make them up later in the year.

Then it was on with the other two batches,

This batch for sale, all in new jars.

This batch for ME!
As you saw yesterday we had the roasted veg and tomato sauce with pasta. Well all the leftover veg and sauce went into the soup maker,

and 20 minutes later we had a lovely smooth soup, enough for lunch today and tomorrow.

 Not a bad mornings work, now I have to clean the kitchen.

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