Friday, 30 January 2015

One week to go.

It's just seven days till my operation. This time next Friday I will be either on my way to hospital or already there.
I'm looking forward to getting rid to the continual pain in my shoulder and having a few days of being waited on, but I will miss not walking the dogs over the cliffs and in the countryside.

I made a boring basic White Sandwich loaf this morning,

something else I will miss being unable to do for a couple of weeks. I might even have to resort to buying bread. That's a thing that I haven't done  (apart from a week or so while we moved house nearly 5 years ago) since 2008 and I just hope no-one spots either of us doing it. I have visions of all my customers stood in line behind Yvonne as she buys a loaf - good advertising.

Meanwhile, Georgina gave me a selection of sauces and marinades for Xmas and I've just used the Teriyaki marinade on some chicken.

We will have it with salad and new potatoes this evening. Speaking of which, I hope my shoulder will be up to planting the seed potatoes later this year.

We have snowdrops in the garden, I got hold of a load of snowdrops in the green last year and have been waiting for their appearance. At last they have started to pop up.

But where are the rest?

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